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T & J Tire can handle routine brake service and repairs to pads, calipers, rotors and brake lines. When your brakes start to chirp, they are telling you something! Brakes are designed to make a high pitched “chirping” noise when the brake pads are wearing thin. This sound alerts you to the fact that you need to have your brakes serviced soon.

Replacing Pads Can Save Rotors!

Brake service is important to your safety and letting them go can make the repair much more expensive. This is because replacing brake pads is less expensive than replacing your brake rotors too. We can help you with various types of brake pads to fit your needs and driving. Pads can be Semi-Metallic, Non-Asbestos Organic, Low-Metallic NAO or Ceramic. We can turn and grind the rotors or replace them if needed.

Brake Failure Is Dangerous!

Brake failure due to wear on the pads and rotors happens slowly but brake failure from a broken brake line can be sudden and dangerous. If your vehicle is older, rust on the lines can cause a failure that is sudden. We will be happy to inspect your brake lines.

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