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T & J Tire does work on all of your car or truck climate control systems. We have the tools, equipment, proper licensing and knowledge to maintain, troubleshoot and service your vehicle’s A/C and entire HVAC System and subsystems.

Is your A/C working?

When the weather gets hotter where you are driving and your car or truck’s A/C unit is being pressed in to service, is it as cool as it should be? T & J Tire will test the A/C and cooling system and check for leaks. We can perform routine maintenance like refilling the A/C unit’s refrigerant or more in depth work like finding and fixing leaks.

Specialized Equipment

We have the specialized equipment that is required by government regulations to properly capture the old gases and safely refill the system with refrigerant.

Appointment request form

Please let us know the issues you are having or the type of service your vehicle is needing. We will contact you back to schedule and confirm your appointment.